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Brian Gossett


Here is our story. It all began 8 years ago…

Brian Gossett grew up in the Ohio Valley, attending St. Clairsville and West Liberty as a student athlete. While living in Pittsburgh, Brian wanted to create a website for the Ohio Valley, where he could stay current with what’s happening in and around the local sports scene. For the next several months, in his spare time, Brian taught himself how to code and develop websites, so that he could make the Ohio Valley’s first sports message board.

After the site was launched, it took off, creating a lot of buzz and local attraction! Over the next several years, Ohio Valley Athletics started producing content in game previews and recaps, and eventually became a trusted source for breaking sports news and happenings around the Ohio Valley.

Today, Ohio Valley Athletics is a well known and fully credentialed media outlet in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. As we continue to grow, our original vision will remain intact as we will continue to be the Ohio Valley’s #1 source for local sports talk!


Ohio ValleyAthletics

Ohio Valley Athletics was established and created in 2008, quickly becoming the #1 place for local sports talk!

In what started out as a message board website, we have grown to become the premier source for the latest breaking news around the Ohio Valley

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