Can Nick Saban Sway Ferns Away from Michigan?

The recruiting news for St. Clairsville’s Michael Ferns stopped seven months ago when he made a verbal commitment to Michigan. Ferns stopped visiting schools, entertaining other offers, and accepting phone calls. That was until Nick Saban called on behalf of Alabama.

Today, Saban and Ferns spoke for nearly an hour about the future plans of the highly sought after recruit. Saban and Ferns were both born in West Virginia, and they instantly started talking about their small town connection.

While most schools have been recruiting Ferns as a linebacker prospect, Saban thinks that he will be a good fit as an H-Back for the Crimson Tide’s high power offense.

Coming off of two consecutive National Championship victories, one could say that Nick Saban knows a thing or two about talent. What was his impression of Michael Ferns? After nearly a 60 minute conversation, Saban directly offered Ferns an opportunity to play for the Tide. Will Ferns pull out of his commitment from Michigan? It’s probably not likely, but if anybody can do it, it will be Nick Saban.