Very Early, OVAC Football Top 5 Big/Small School Rankings


1. Steubenville — #StateTitleOrBust — Absolutely ridiculous!
2. Brooke — Major drop from #1 to #2, but someone has to be #2. They seem to have turned the corner under Mac McLean.
3. Wheeling Park — There will be no repeat of a state title, but they should be pretty good.
4. Harrison Central — Three 4-year starters on the O-line and senior fullback/linebacker Jesse Ball. Plus, they get Martins Ferry and St. Clairsville at home, which means MUD.
5. Martins Ferry — Powder puff schedule plays a role in the ranking, but they should be much better this year with 4 of 5 O-linemen and the fullback returning.

Unknowns:St. Clairsville and Indian Creek.

St. Clairsville just has too many holes to fill to be ranked in the preseason Top 5. They should have speed to burn, though, and could end up being in the Top 5.

As for Indian Creek, they lost the kid who would have been their big-time player this year in Jabari Taylor to Akron Hoban. But word is they may have picked up at least one person who was at Bellaire St. John’s last year, which would give them a big boost.


1. Wheeling Central — #StateTitleOrBust
2. Shadyside — Tremendous coaching and weight-training staff will have them ready to rumble.
3. Bellaire — Go ahead and laugh. Just make sure you have your stopwatch ready to time how long it takes them to sprint to your end zone.
4-7. Four-way tie: River, Linsly, Toronto, and Steubenville Central:

River called both Bellaire and Shadyside wanting to play in the same season, so the Pilots must think they have something.

Linsly always has athletes. When you have athletes, you have a chance.

Toronto will have plenty of speed and experience returning.

Steubenville Central should be good as long as they can get their new QB in place.

Unknown: Magnolia — Major holes for the defending state champions to try to fill.

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